20th Anniversary Workshop Info

With immense gratitude, I am pleased to announce a
workshop and dinner celebraton commemorating the
THREE CURRENTS 20th anniversary. Time flies
when you're having fun!

Sifu Nathan Menaged



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Workshop on boxing exercises with Nathan Menaged

Date: July 2 and 3, 2016 // Location: Oviedo - Asturias // Contribution: 140 € (125 € if you book before 10/06/2016)
Phone: 0034 636 327 965 // E-Mail: taijinatural@gmail.com (ask Javier Mesa)

This workshop is open to all schools, for all levels and all styles of martial arts. While it is true that the prism in which it focuses is from the taijiquan.

Focused as a physical exercise and screening those who want to go something beyond. The management of distance. The Footwork are important aspects in learning martial arts. and only a couple boxing exercises (they will lack gloves).

We all know the importance of giving (Zou) This feature is especially important in the taiji Nathan. Ceder and return to the structure of yin-yang. It is what we will work in a special way. As a general concept. And through a series of exercises for combat grappling and thrust the workshop will be developed.

Random Application –
Jade Lady Weaves with the Shuttle

San Shou Wrist Control -
Box Ears with Both Fist

Water Boxing Form

Water Form Application In Hanover,
Germany, 2007