Not Push Hands Workshop


11am - 12:50pm


Master William Chen's Tai Chi form / body mechanics principals

Tai Chi form applications in push hands





When rooting becomes resistance
Exploring relaxation in action and learning not to resist in confrontations

Effortless issuing of power
Learning to neutralize and overcome without excessive force

Tai Chi form applications in push hands





9am - 1pm


Master Tao / Cheng Man-Ching Tai Chi Form / Body Mechanics

Principles of softness from Master Tao
How and where to touch your opponent for maximum results in Push Hands and fighting.

Water style principles in push hands drills





Saturday and Sunday

Saturday or Sunday


$225. ($200.)



Payments made in advance are eligible for the discounted price in parenthesis.

When registering for this workshop please send an email to Nathan describing what push hands means to you at Also if you register prior to Nov 22 you will receive a workshop shirt if you also email Nathan your tee shirt size.

Of course, if you have questions, ask Sifu directly